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BUZZR & PlutoTV - Down?

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BUZZR on Pluto TV worked for me, but I had audio issues and a few video issues returning from breaks during MGHS.  Friends confirmed it was not a BUZZR thing; they did not experience such issues.

ETA:  Apparently some of this was an issue with the final product and not the fault of Pluto TV.

I've got a Fire Stick, too, and couldn't get to Buzzr yesterday evening, either.  But I could watch it on other devices, so I dunno.  :)

You can also get BUZZR on the STIRR app.  I switch between PlutoTV and STIRR, but STIRR seems to work nicely most of the time.

The stream I use to record was wonky for me from about 11pm CT to 1am CT on the 11th and 12th.   On the 12th I had complete blackout instead of jumps and pixelation.  I haven't checked the modem logs to see if it was a local issue.

Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning I could not get BUZZR on either Pluto or STIRR.  Last night during the first run of MG/HSH, on STIRR, it kept freezing up, but other channels were fine.  Too many variables for me to determine where the problem lies.


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