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BUZZR & PlutoTV - Down?

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So, does it appear that BUZZR is down via PlutoTV?  As of 5:47pm central, I can't bring it up either on a Fire Stick or on the Android app...


Must've been a fluke; I'm watching "All New LMAD" as I type (Vizio TV via WatchFree).

/though they're still having video scaling issues

Not for me, been watching uninterrupted PS4 Pluto since 4PM CT.  BUZZR's stream did appear to blackout last night around 12:30AM for me though, returning to normal by sunrise programming. Didn't work on any device.

Wish I understood what the problem is from my end but I have removed the Fire Stick from the TV, disconnected power, rebooted the network and still can't get BUZZR even though I can get most every other channel...and still can't BUZZR via Pluto on my phone...

Guess it's not meant to be tonight...


Watched "$ale" at 6:00 CST (4pm in Berkeley)...


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