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Jeremy Nelson:
Every October, Vegas holds the Global Gaming Expo, the NATPE of the gaming business. I stumbled upon an attendee's blog, where he posted pictures of some of the concepts being sold. Unlike most years, there were quite a few game show properties being shown off. No sign of new Wheel stuff, but if you've been to a casino in the past few years, the Wheel slots seem to have receded to the pack.

Plinko is already out for sure, but I'm headed to Vegas in a couple weeks and will keep my eyes peeled for the others.

Surprised to see there's no Card Sharks machine--that seems like it would be a shoo-in to adapt.

At the casino I work at, the WoF slots still seem pretty popular, although the Cash Link variant was in the process of being removed last time I walked past them. OTOH, we have only one of the Gold Spin machines and on peak nights there is a small crowd around it.

I tried a number of them at G2E last October (where the pictures in the article are from). I was happy to see a number of game show themes, but unfortunately none of them were exceptional when it came to gameplay.


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