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While searching for some answers...found some photos that helped (in some cases)

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Bob Zager:
It started when I was looking for photos from the original Concentration.

What apparently began as an annual feature on Concentration, carried over to Hollywood Squares:

When Hollywood Squares changed the design of the host/contestant area, most will remember this:

However the first week (and only that week), the background behind Peter Marshall had "x"s and "o"s crisscrossing in a similar way.  Marshall jokingly explained, when they were gone the following Monday, it was because the "x"s and "o"s made it look, "too much like a Las Vegas casino setting."

While looking for photos, I also stumbled across a newspaper clipping from The Daily Herald of Provo, Utah dated Monday, Sept 25, 1967:

I don't know if they were still using "The Silly Song," for the HS theme music, or the "Merrill and Bob," theme.

When I'd first seen this photo from a Broadcasting magazine ad for Pay Cards, I'd thought it may have been a shot from the pilot, seeing only 10 cards were depicted on the bonus round wheel:

Since then I'd seen the episode featuring the late Celeste Holm, and the wheel DID have just 10 cards showing.

Finally, some interesting pix from the original Dream House--the first two are color images from early in the run:

The next two images are from late in the run:

You'll notice some color changes and that the "Catch-Up Round" point values were doubled.  In addition off to the left of contestant "Mike" is part of a drape covering what was a third couple's section.  That was for round one which they called the "Preliminary Round," played by three couples.  The lowest scoring couple bid farewell at the end of that round, and the remaining two couples played the "Championship Round."  When that updated format was used, the theme music changed as well.  IIRC, too, on the final broadcast of this series, Mike Darrow sang a portion of the song "The Party's Over." and told all viewers to watch for the new drama series called "All My Children."

Somewhere I'd seen a wide-view photo of the set, and Mike Darrow while reading a question from his podium was seen wearing eyeglasses.  I was looking for it in my search, but was unable to.

And now I've found a full pic with THREE couples playing:

I believe this was done from the Colonial theater, former home of The Price Is Right.

NBC/RCA used the Colonial as a test bed for color TV, but color photos of TPIR from that era are hard to find.

The art direction on that version of TPIR seems mired in the '50's.

Cavett used to do one of his early series from that theater. Groucho was a guest and complained about how shabby it was, saying it hadn't changed since the Marx Brothers played there 50 years earlier.

Steve Allen is credited as having written the lyrics for "The Silly Song."

Actually it was Jimmy Haskell... Steve wrote a lot of songs, but this wasn't one of them. (Source IMdB)


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