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Bryce L.:
Starting the first weekend of January 2020, Buzzr's weekend airings of E/I content (currently airing from 10:00am to 11:30am Saturdays and Sundays) is reduced from three hours to one hour (10:00am to 10:30am), with the 10:30am to 11:30am hour now filled with additional airings of Split Second 86. These are still new-to-Buzzr episodes.

Are they allowed?

Chelsea Thrasher:
FCC passed a revision this past summer to the E/I rules - formerly, each channel and subchannel a station carries had to program three hours of E/I. Three hours on your Main .1, three hours on your .2, three on .3, on down the line.   The new rule is a cumulative three hours (more if they choose, but three hours is the requirement) for the station, with one hour of the station's requirement being fulfillable by the station's secondary channels if the station so chooses and no requirement for secondary feeds otherwise. 

So channel 42 or whatever has a mandate to hit 3 hours *total* now, and only an hour towards the requirement can be from programming on a secondary subchannel.  Keeping the hour helps any stations that need or want Buzzr to help meet the E/I requirement, while they can now drop E/I that their affiliates largely can't use anyway. 

The rules technically changed in September, but with it being a legal compliance issue and the old rules having been in place for years, plus whatever contracts Buzzr has had in place, I'm sure it's something that's been hitting in phases - with beginning of year being a good time for them to make the switch.

The handful of affiliates that carry Buzzr on their .1 mostly appear to be -LD and -LPs, which are sufficiently low power to be exempt from the E/I rules.

Bryce L.:
Also, as announced on Facebook...

On January 12, there is a Body Language marathon, 8 to 11pm (schedules not out yet, so no clue if these are fresh episodes or not, but I'd assume yes).

Beginning January 13... (all times eastern)
Supermarket Sweep '00 is on weeknights at 8:30pm and 11:30pm, and Sundays from 7 to 8pm.
Classic Concentration is on overnight M-F from 2 to 3am.
Dawson Feud is on overnight M-F from 3 to 4am.
Body Language is on Sunday nights from 10 to 11pm.
and Sale of the Century is on Sunday overnight from 2 to 3am.

Full schedule is still forthcoming.


--- Quote from: Bryce L. on December 18, 2019, 07:38:18 PM ---On January 12, there is a Body Language marathon, 8 to 11pm (schedules not out yet, so no clue if these are fresh episodes or not, but I'd assume yes).

--- End quote ---

Assume correctly.  Eps 227-228 (Dr. Joyce Brothers/Brad Garrett) and 230-231 (Lauri Hendler/Richard Moll) are part of the marathon (continuing roughly where they left off last time it was on the weekday schedule), sandwiching eps 376-377 (Betty White/Jamie Farr, three and two days before Thanksgiving).  Marathon repeats at 11 ET.

Also, Classic Concentration picks up with ep 225 (4/4/88) on 1/13/20.


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