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Author Topic: GSN to air some syndicated WML for first time!  (Read 52 times)

Matt Ottinger

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GSN to air some syndicated WML for first time!
« on: Today at 10:39:21 AM »
Just a few, but this crowd will approve.

Starting on December 16, GSN will once again run selected episodes of What's My Line and I've Got A Secret through the holidays.  They've done this for a few years now, and usually there's nothing particularly noteworthy to report.  However, this year they're going to air at least two episodes of the syndicated What's My Line that they've never shown.  The mystery guests for those episodes are Monty Hall and Jack Narz.

The holiday event kicks off on the 16th with the debut episode of What's My Line, which is always a treat to see.  I do not know the time, nor the dates of any of the other episodes they'll be showing.  If there have been press releases I haven't seen them, but this information comes reliably from a GSN staffer and reference book co-author who prefers to remain anonymous.
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Bryce L.

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Re: GSN to air some syndicated WML for first time!
« Reply #1 on: Today at 11:20:08 AM »
Per GSN's schedule page, here's what's listed so far...

December 16
3:00am - What's My Line? (February 2, 1950 - Mystery guest: Phil Rizzuto) (series premiere)
3:30am - I've Got a Secret (October 9, 1961 - "Country Fair special")

December 17
3:00am - What's My Line? (June 20, 1954 - Mystery guest: Doris Day)
3:30am - I've Got a Secret (October 21, 1963 - Special guest: Art Linkletter)

December 18
3:00am - What's My Line? (September 28, 1958 - Mystery guest: Roy Rogers)
3:30am - I've Got a Secret (October 12, 1964 - Special guest: Carol Channing)

December 19
3:00am - What's My Line? (May 20, 1962 - Mystery guests: Sir Edmund Hillary; Diahann Carroll)
3:30am - I've Got a Secret (December 14, 1964 - Special guest: Steve Lawrence)

December 20
3:00am - What's My Line? (June 12, 1966 - Mystery guests: David Merrick; Peter and Henry Fonda)
3:30am - I've Got a Secret (February 1, 1965 - Special guest: Kaye Ballard)