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Author Topic: ABC to air Jeopardy GOAT tournament  (Read 1337 times)


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Re: ABC to air Jeopardy GOAT tournament
« Reply #15 on: November 20, 2019, 08:46:59 PM »
I know they do two-game total score for scheduling reasons and have for years, but I think it mucks up the game play.
Unsurprisingly, I disagree wholeheartedly. I think it makes the first FJ wagering really interesting, because it is distinctly different than the wagering strategy for a single game, which at this point has been reduced to a simple math / second guessing exercise.
True--every time Neumms tries to fix something that isn't broken it does end up worse than the original article.

First thing: Given the speed of play and the fact that we know these guys it does seem like the primo time to tweak the game some since we have the three heaviest hitters ever. Throw a Triple Jeopardy round into game two. Have some sort of halftime event--something so that we're not just watching two episodes of Jeopardy. (that said it does mean I can basically bang this out in thirty minutes.

Thing two: this is a lot of Jeopardy. I love Jeopardy as much as anyone, but when you add this to the episode that will air in the access hour that's three episodes a day--assuming that people do watch the OG show it will immediately be overshadowed. I would love it if ABC put the show on Saturday like Super Jeopardy almost thirty years ago and run it every week until it concludes, but I get that there are other issues with that.

Other thing--I kinda wish that the All-Stars had the older guys like Chuck Forrest, Bob Blake, Officer Frank and Lesek Pawlowicz as team captain along with the second decade's big winners rather than having the player reaching back the farthest being Pam Mueller. I think it gives short shrift to some of the recent TOC winners like Roger Craig, Buzzy Cohen and Alex Jacob (there's how you fill out the episodes--bring back TOC winners to play an exhibition game.)
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