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Author Topic: "Cash Cab" revival debuts Monday, October 7  (Read 428 times)


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"Cash Cab" revival debuts Monday, October 7
« on: September 21, 2019, 02:34:12 AM »
In what seems like an extremely odd fit, Cash Cab debuts a new season in late night on Bravo October 7th. The show will air Sunday through Thursdays at 11:30pm ET, after Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live. Ben Bailey returns as your host, and so does the gimmick from last season of occasional celebrity ride-alongs. Except this time, they'll be "Bravolebrities," i.e. reality show characters you'd only recognize if you watch a lot of Bravo.

Good on Ben for getting the work, and the show's a fun little quiz format, but I just cannot see how this fits in with the rest of Bravo's Sunday-Thursday prime programming, or how it survives past its first order of episodes. I guess networks successfully built dayparts out of soap operas and game shows back-to-back for quite a number of years, but this ain't exactly 1970s daytime.

The light show on the cab ceiling has gotten a nice update, per the video in this press release.

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