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SiriusXM 80s on 8 game show promos


80s on 8 recently changed the imaging for their hourly "treasure chest" (i.e., "lost" hits) selections. It used to be themed around Indiana Jones, but now it's all game shows. So far, I've heard intros using bits from PYL, Feud, and Wheel. (Some of them are definitely authentic, but some of them sound like they might be re-creations.)

I haven't found the intros online anywhere, but it would presumably be easy to capture them with a stream recorder.

I heard one based on Double Dare last week. Have not heard the WoF one yet.

There's a Jeopardy one as well.  I'm pretty sure all the clips are authentic.

Just heard the Jeopardy! one moments ago.  Used clips from the premiere (Johnny saying "This is Jeopardy!", Alex introducing "America's favourite answer-and-question game"), the Daily Double sounder and the closing seconds of the original Think!.

ETA: Heard the Wheel one just now as well.  1983 Changing Keys present, with modern Bankrupt and new puzzle sounders as well as Pat introducing a Phrase.


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