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game show retrospective on AXS TV 9/12

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the series “The Very Very Best of the ‘70s” has a game show episode cued up for Thursday, September 12. I do not have the channel, so I’ll be hoping for reports on here.

Joe Mello:
I have not watched the series but all the promos I see for it indicate the series is very much like those VH1 talking head shows they used to have.

And don't get too's only 30 minutes...


Otm Shank:
Based on the limited information above, I predict the episode will go something like this:

Price is Right ... look at Bob's hair ... look at all the earthtones ... look how much cars were worth
Wheel of Fortune ... they used to go shopping ... look at the old manual puzzleboard
Match Game ... they had to say "tinkle" and "boobs" was pushing the envelope ... the personalities of Brett, Charles, and Richard ... hey, they used to drink during the tapings
Newlywed/Dating Game ... weirdest place you made whoopie ... risqué humor ... maybe even they pull out a clip of 3's a Crowd to hammer it home
Roll credits

Speaking of AXS and game shows, it was revealed yesterday that Steve Harvey will become an investor in AXS and HDNet Movies following the purchase of the channels by Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Anthem may be best known in the U.S. as being the owners of Impact Wrestling, which will likely start airing on AXS soon. Mark Cuban remains a minority investor, but no word if Cuban or Harvey will become Impact's on-screen GM :)

On a more serious note, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Anthem laid off Cindy Ronzoni after the purchase. Ronzoni was head of publicity at GSN for a number of years, and was working a similar role at AXS, primarily doing public relations for Women of Wrestling (a wrestling company co-founded by GLOW creator David McLane).


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