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Fall 2019 schedule changes

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aaron sica:
Yes, it's that time of year again...

The only schedule changes I know in my market thus far involve talk shows, and no game shows (yet).

However - any indication of what your local station is doing to plug the hole left by WWTBAM? Or of any other changes you know of in your market?

SwohS Emag:
WPVI (6ABC Philadelphia) is placing Tamron Hall at 10am, displacing Rachel Ray.  They have been heavily advertising the show. 

Millionaire and Right This Minute currently air in the 2pm hour.  I suspect that Rachel Ray might end up at 2pm, since they're probably not moving around the other shows:  Kelly/Ryan at 9am, View at 11, News at Noon, Strahan/Sara at 1pm, General Hospital at 3pm, News at 4pm onward.  Millionaire also airs in the overnight hour at 1:07am.  I suppose Right This Minute could then go to that late night slot.

Here in NYC, WABC (Ch. 7) will also have Tamron Hall at 10 am, right after Kelly & Ryan.

Meredith Vieira's new game show 25 Words or Less starts Sept. 16 on WWOR TV Channel 9. Not sure of the time.

aaron sica:
In the Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York market, WGAL is replacing Steve with Tamron Hall at 2. I thought it might have been Kelly Clarkson (since she in essence is replacing Steve), but Kelly is moving to the 11am hour, which takes the place of Rachael Ray. I can't imagine Rachael finding another spot on WGAL (i don't see Dr. Oz at 3 being displaced, and they have an hour of news at 4). She'll probably move to another station.

WGAL airs WWTBAM at 12:30pm after their news. Not sure what will go in there.

As to the two comments on WABC and WPVI, I would imagine, as been the case for some years now, their daytime schedule (with the exception of their respective newscasts) will still be the same.


America Says will air on WBNX-55 at 8:30 PM, displacing an episode of Funny You Should Ask.

25 Words or Less gets a double run, occupying the 5-6 PM hour on WUAB-43, leading into an hour of Feud.

Edits in the future as necessary.


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