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Author Topic: Article: 'The evolution of UK quiz shows'  (Read 330 times)


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Article: 'The evolution of UK quiz shows'
« on: May 02, 2019, 06:50:18 PM »
Den of Geek UK has a long and reasonably interesting look at the history of British quiz (not game) shows:

Quiz shows have been a staple of the British TV schedules for decades. Over time, the various forms of address used in the genre have changed but the appeal largely remains the same. Whether you prefer brand-new daily editions or marathon repeats of vintage quizzes on channels like Challenge, we’re still watching these shows in our millions.

In contrast to game shows that are down to chance and skill, quiz shows are always a test of knowledge, making it easy for viewers to test themselves in the process. The difference is that we don't get a prize at the end of it, so there has to be some enjoyability to it. From the accessible multiple-choice general knowledge rounds of The Chase to the “deliberately difficult” teasers seen on Only Connect, there’s an evergreen quality to the quiz format.

Still, we can see how UK TV quiz shows have evolved along with viewing habits and programming trends. As an essentially commercial genre, quizzes were initially approached in different ways by the BBC and ITV, with the former being more conservative while the latter was able to innovate with a mix of existing formats and entertaining new ones.