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Sorry if this belongs in another location and please feel free to move the thread if so.

For those of you who use Buzzr’s online stream on their site or on Pluto: do you have a method of recording video from the stream at set times, sort of like a crude DVR? Is there software available to do that?

I'm interested in this as well.  Doing screen capture from their website isn't cutting it.

I have seen software that allows you to capture streams directly, and you could potentially set that up to run as a scheduled task, but there are a whole lot of "if"s in there, up to and including "do they even work with Buzzr."

I remember at one time we were able to extract the standalone Buzzr stream (though I think it's since changed from the information I have) so that would be a big step forward if that is still doable.

I was doing it that way before I had access to an OTA affiliate.

Assuming you're on Windows, all you really need is the ffmpeg command line program which works great for this.

Install that, and then place this .bat file in the folder where it installed:

Feel free to edit the file to change the filename and length of the recorded file. I have it set at an hour right now (plus some padding), but it can be set for any length.

Then use either the Windows task scheduler or a 3rd party scheduling program to run the .bat file at whatever time you choose, and voila, you have an excellent quality recording of Buzzr's stream.

Thanks Greg!

I'll take a look at the software you were using - I was trying something similar with a couple of other tools and wasn't happy with the results.  I set up a virtual machine to run the capture software, but I had to keep the stream up in the VM at all times.


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