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Contestants you rooted against?

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I never liked Karla Greci from the first episode of Play the Percentages.  She's like a nasal 'Tina' from Bob's Burger.

The first that comes to mind was the contestant named Alan on Trebek's Double Dare -- the one who was the shows' first contestant to retire at the $20K rule.

Alan Lusher toilet flusher?

He was less smarmy when he was on Jeopardy.  But still quirky.

If memory serves, Alan Lusher lost on J! because he didn't phrase the FJ question in the form of a question.

Name That Tune with Lange had its share of annoying contestants. For me, it was Hap Miller, who competed against Tammy Warner. I had posted on here a while ago that Tammy should've won that tournament, because Hap never uttered the title "Every Breath You Take", just any variation thereof, but for some reason they gave it to him! If they hadn't, Tammy would've won.

Even worse, he was a sore winner, having confetti already planted in his shirt pocket, ready to throw upon victory... and he did.... until Jim told him there was still one second left on the clock!

During Drew's first couple of years as TPIR host, there was that jerk that kept bidding 420, on one prize he bid $2 million. As expected he never got out of Contestants Row, or Bidders Row as they now call it.

Then there were the idiots, including some celebs on Celebrity Name Game. Let me not get started.


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