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Contestants you rooted against?

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Of course, some more recent game shows seemed to take pleasure in having contestants people love to hate to stir up drama. But on the classic shows, the contestant coordinators were usually pretty good about casting pleasant people who didn't rock the boat too much. Nonetheless, was there ever a time when a contestant just rubbed you the wrong way and you just couldn't wait for them to lose?

Damn near every episode of "Deal Or No Deal"...

"You came for the DESERVE it, baby!"

**thwap thwap**


Otm Shank:
It's from one of the pilots (which doesn't seem to make a great sales pitch), but this is the first that came to mind...

There was an absolute toolbag named Joseph on TPiR about ten years ago.  I was hoping Drew would sock him.

Bryce L.:
Maybe not from seeing the episodes themselves, but after watching "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal", that sort of made me glad that Janie Litras lost to Michael Larson, given how entitled she acts in the interviews ("I was supposed to win!") in the documentary.


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