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Alex Trebek diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer

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Alex said in a video he wanted to get ahead of the news before it's blown out of proportion. He says he plans to beat the disease despite low survival odds.

So, stage 4 cancer means that the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.  There might be experimental treatments out there, but for most people treatments are about quality and extension of life, rather than curing the disease.

Realistically, this probably means the end of Jeopardy as helmed by Alex Trebek.

Devastating. Lost my mom to this.
One wonders how stage 4 pancreatic
cancer could possibly be blown out of

Having lost my wife five months ago this Friday from Stage IV breast cancer, this news hits me hard.

As mentioned previously, Stage IV treatment focuses primarily on quality of life diet, medical treatment, etc. Clinical trials are an option if you can find something and are eligible (and I did seek questions on those before my wife entered hospice).

The Stage IV journey for my family was brief -- only two months -- but family and doctors were always determined to make sure she can live a productive life as long as possible. My daughter is in first grade ... we both hoped she could be there for her high school graduation. But this was also time to settle and come to peace with what you've accomplished -- for my wife and I, this meant looking back at the ups and downs of our relationship, the challenges we faced, the rewards we found, etc. And we also made sure we renewed relations with family and friends that were severed at low points in our lives. By the end, we were all together, sharing stories, watching her favorite TV shows, enjoying a life, etc.

Re: petek66 -- I think it refers to headlines you might see online or on the front page of a supermarket rag. You've seen them ... "(CELEBRITY): 30 DAYS TO LIVE!!"


Alex Trebek has been Jeopardy -- at least, the current incarnation -- from day one, and of course, hosted many other shows besides that for 50 years; but despite the low survival rate (and remember, he had brain surgery last year and he's pushing 80)...yes, as parliboy mentioned, the next episodes he's taping may be his last, and a plan may be in place in case Alex joins Art Fleming up above.

But then again, in the words of Fran Drescher...Cancer Schmancer!


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