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Cullen TPIR on Buzzr?

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It's not on Buzzr's website yet, so take this with a rather large grain of salt, but TitanTV is showing a fairly radically different schedule for Friday, March 8, that includes a B&W block in primetime: The Price is Right (Cullen) at 8PM, IGAS at 8:40PM and WML? at 9:10PM.

Not sure if this link will work, but:

Here's the zap2it show page?

Definitely there on 3/8 at 8 and 11, 3/10 at 8 and 11.

TVPassport has it too.

If Zap2It is to believed, they're starting with the 2/1/61 episode, which had Arlene Francis as a guest host.

The entire schedule for 3/8 seems to be jiggled around to heck from 10:00 on:

10:00/10:30 AM: Body Language
11:00 AM: Match Game PM
11:30 PM: Match Game
12:00 PM: To Tell The Truth
12:30 PM: What's My Line?
1:00/1:30 PM: Body Language
2:00/2:30 PM: Password Plus
3:00/3:30 PM: Super Password
4:00 PM: To Tell The Truth
4:30 PM: What's My Line?
5:00/5:30/6:00/6:30 PM: Family Feud
7:00/7:30 PM: Password Plus
[8:00-10:00: Said B&W block]
10:00/10:30 PM: Supermarket Sweep
[Repeat 8-11 from 11-2:00 AM]
2:00/2:30/3:00/3:30 AM: Match Game
[Regular B&W block]

Also, on 3/10 it looks like the Sunday afternoon block of Supermarket Sweep has been replaced by Body Language.


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