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And now, the Game Show Escape Room


No, not an escape room game show.

An outfit in suburban Chicago appears to have gone about this properly, with lots of fun-looking, geeky little touches.

Or, just play game shows for 60 minutes.

I guess while we're on the topic, the below article (from months ago, but I don't think it's been mentioned on this board before) mentions that Little Lion Entertainment (the company behind The Crystal Maze Live attractions in London and Manchester, England) are making plans for their first US attraction.

I'm assuming it won't be The Crystal Maze, but what would the equivalent US show be? Legends Of The Hidden Temple?

There's not really an equivalent show, which is a pity that Conquer Fort Boyard existed instead of actually doing the French/British format. I think Crystal Maze works just fine, and you could basically air the recent series with Richard Ayoade as Maze-meister as a mini-series to garner interest.


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