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BUZZR: Rights issues wizards?

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Indeed.  The wrestling equivalent would be that magic wand Triple H apparently has that allows him to repair burnt bridges in the WWE (inviting Bruno and Warrior to the HOF, for instance...)

As noted before, Fremantle negotiating for what can be seen on their channel may make things easier, instead of sitting by with whoever as Sony moderated on behalf of GSN.  So hopefully that translates well into talking with, say, Hasbro re: Scrabble.  And dare I say...CBS for a certain other hour long game show? One, ahem, slightly more successful than MG/HS ;-) 

Now also wonders how steep the WordPlay issue really was, as such...

Two ex-rectum speculations:

1. Since BUZZR is technically a broadcast channel, isn't the path to perpetual rerun-ville easier since that was already negotiated in the contract?

2. Since Comcast has owned NBC, they seem to be much more liberal in licensing content.  Think back to when Letterman tried to get NBC clips for CBS clip shows, couldn't do it.  But towards the end of his career, he was able to get them.  Same with Conan.  I just wonder if NBC's mentality is now something is better than nothing. 

Somewhat off topic but not at the same time,  am I the only who is thinking that with these two acquisitions that Scrabble can't be far behind?

At this point, I feel like we canít take any show in which Fremantle has a stake totally off the table. Really, would it be a complete shock at this point to see Scrabble, The Price is Right, and Name That Tune all on BUZZR sometime within the next 2 years?

Granted, Iím perhaps speaking with some degree of hyperbole here. Obviously, each of those has an obstacle that, indications are, will be a bear to overcome. But if anyone can get it done, it seems BUZZRís acquisitions folks might be up to the challenge.  ;)


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