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Where Are You Getting Most Of Your Buzzr Fix?

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With a number of different ways you can watch old game shows on Buzzr now, I am interested in how/where are you going for most of your Buzzr watching: 

•  Live & Direct off the actual Buzzr sub-channel (via cable or rabbit ears)?

•  Live & Direct off the Buzzr website (via computer or smart phone)?

•  Live from a secondary source streaming service -- i.e. PlutoTV, STIRR, etc... (via Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV...)

•  Watching selected episodes on demand via Amazon Prime.

•  Watching selected episodes on demand via internet posters (YouTube, etc...)

I'm curious to find out where everyone is currently getting their Buzzr fix and what format above seems to be the current trend. 

I will try to convert the given answers into rough percentages next weekend.

Pluto via Roku, and before that, streaming through BUZZR’s site.

I also watch shows here and there on Amazon.

Concast...erm, Comcast... and the extra Prime episodes.

Twitch, BUZZR site, Amazon Prime in that order.  WBXZ-LP is not available OTA or on cable in Toronto.

vtown7: - totally worth the low low subscription price!


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