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A new streaming service launched this week called STIRR. STIRR is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, one of the largest owners of local TV stations in the country.

STIRR works similarly to Pluto TV. Sinclair is using it as a platform for content from its local stations and digital networks, but is also partnering with other streaming networks to enhance the programming selection available on STIRR.

One of those partnering networks on STIRR is BUZZR.

I can confirm that BUZZR is available on STIRR on Roku. The Roku app seems to have some stability issues, but I’d assume they’ll work to fix that quickly.

STIRR also has an Amazon Fire app. No support for Chromecast yet.

That Don Guy:
Also, to clarify: you don't have to have a Sinclair station in your local area to access it. It will ask you to choose a city when you first connect to it, but it pretty much tells you, "If you don't see your city, we suggest selecting Washington, DC, so you can get news from the capital."

I'll burn in a firey hell before I support anything that comes out of Sinclair Broadcasting. Bad enough my local Jeopardy station is a Sinclair.


--- Quote from: chargeradiocom on January 18, 2019, 12:37:33 AM ---Sinclair is using [STIRR] as a platform for content from its local stations and digital networks,
--- End quote ---
So all the "must run" editorials and other "news" bullcrap they thrust onto said local stations. Got it.

Tim L:
I downloaded it last night On my Roku Stick pluses and box.  Surprised to see they have Comet and Charge! as well.  Not crazy about Sinclair owning them but you take the bad with the good..Hadnt noticed Buzzr on there yet.


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