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A new show premiered today on GSN, hosted by Joey Fatone. Two teams of three compete. The players on each team know each other somehow, just like on America Says.

In the first two rounds, there are 4 categories on the board, each with 1 question. Teams go back and forth picking a category and playing a question. All three players on the team lock in their choice (A, B or C) at the same time. Each correct lock-in earns the team 10 points, with a 100 point bonus if they all agree on the correct answer. Points double in round 2.

In round 3, teams confer to write one response to open-ended questions. Each team plays a question worth 200 points, followed by a second question each worth 400 points. Teams can steal in this round, but both teams write at the same time - so it's possible they'll have the same wrong answer as the team who went first. Whoever's ahead at the end of the round plays the bonus game.

In the bonus game, the team's goal is to answer 7 questions correctly. One player stands alone with Joey, and answers more A-B-C multiple choice questions until they're wrong, at which point the next player comes up. The team also has one pass to use along the way. If they get 7 answers before they run out of team members, they split $10,000.

The material that was most advertised was along the lines of "What gets red wine stains out of carpet?" and "What should you do first after you lose your debit card?" In practice, there was also a heaping helping of 5th Grader-type stuff like "Who was the only president not to live in the White House?"


The whole game felt like they started with the name and worked their way down, making the game up as it went along.

I'm happy that people who are working on it have a job, and it takes space away from Family Feud and America Says, but my word, there's no "there" there. An interesting premise is brought to its knees by a total lack of game. The fact that two trios compete for a top prize of $10,000 got me to thinking, if there was ever a time to resurrect the Trivia Trap end game, this would have been it. Even the end game didn't build to any sort of climax at all.

Yes, no game. Jeopardy for the slow-witted isnít much of a premise. I liked the set a lot, though, and Joey wasnít bad, although his question-reading isnít quite ready for Whew.

Maybe they could use the set for a better two-teams-of-three game. Heck, Iíd go for resurrecting all of Trivia Trap. Or go way back for Get the Message.


--- Quote from: Neumms on January 26, 2019, 06:37:36 PM ---Maybe they could use the set for a better two-teams-of-three game.
--- End quote ---
I'd be down for a Hot Potato revisit.


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