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Sonic Whammy:
Time to face facts.

It's the number one game show in syndication the most weeks each year for at least 5 years running.
He's not far away from being the longest tenured American Feud host, and he's not going away anytime soon.
He is a comedian hosting a game show propelled by unintentionally honest, hilarious answers, just like everyone that came before him, and no matter what the material actually is.

With all that said, we all know that not everything during Harvey's time to date is purposely raunchy and all that. There have been plenty of off-the-wall answers just as worthy of VH1 clip show special as "September", "alligator" and all the others. And here, that list will be compiled.

Only rules: Name one at a time. Don't repeat.

I will start with Steve's first big answer: Naked Grandma.

Severed body part.

Joe Mello:

Chuck Sutton:
I got overly excited.


--- Quote from: Sonic Whammy on December 31, 2018, 03:36:20 PM ---Time to face facts.
--- End quote ---
You can "face the facts" all you want. I find the show borders on unwatchable for the most part and therefore pass it by.

Until next time, I'll be in my balcony.


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