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BUZZR "Prime Time Party" beg. February 6th

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Beginning February 6th, a big shake up in BUZZR's prime time line up will take place.  The hour of LMAD and the B & W 2 hour block will be replaced by the "Prime Time Party." The "Prime Time Party" consists of six half hour shows and FINALLY Password Plus will officially join the network.  The shows in the 3 hour block will be The All New Let's Make A Deal, Password Plus, $ale Of The Century, Tattletales, Card Sharks with Bob Eubanks, & Press Your Luck.  The schedule is not out that far yet, so I don't know if it will air in that order.  Also, it is not known what will happen to $ale on Sundays now that it will be airing daily.  Here's the promo that just started airing this week.

Jamey Greek:
Didn't Password + air previously on the 4th of July marathon that Buzzr did in 2015?

Here's the full weekday lineup starting 2/6:

6A/6:30 Super Password
7A/7:30 Buzzr Casino
8A To Tell the Truth
8:40A What's My Line
9:20A I've Got a Secret
10A/10:30/11A/11:30 Match Game
12P/12:30/1P/1:30 Family Feud (Dawson)
2P To Tell the Truth
2:40P What's My Line
3:20P I've Got a Secret
4P/4:30/5P/5:30 Match Game
6P/6:30 Family Feud (Combs)
7P/7:30 Family Feud (Dawson)
8P Password Plus
8:30 Let's Make a Deal
9P Sale of the Century
9:30 Tattletales
10P Card Sharks (Eubanks)
10:30 Press Your Luck
11P Password Plus
11:30 Let's Make a Deal
12A Sale of the Century
12:30 Tattletales
1A Card Sharks (Eubanks)
1:30 Press Your Luck
2A/2:30/3A/3:30 Match Game
4A/4:30 Family Feud (Combs)
5A/5:30 Family Feud (Dawson)

Also, Now You See It replaces Sale of the Century in the Sunday night lineup.


--- Quote from: Jamey Greek on January 27, 2017, 02:33:21 PM ---Didn't Password + air previously on the 4th of July marathon that Buzzr did in 2015?

--- End quote ---

Really hoping BUZZR takes off this year and finds itself in more markets, mine included.

Intriguing. This means they'd almost have to have new-to-Buzzr episodes of Password Plus and Combs Feud, right? Even at only one episode per day, they haven't run enough of either of those shows during Buzzr's past specials to justify a five-days-a-week schedule otherwise.

(Hoping this also means new-to-Buzzr episodes of Now You See It.)


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