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Author Topic: $ale update  (Read 29955 times)


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Re: $ale update
« Reply #60 on: March 07, 2015, 12:57:42 AM »
For the record, this is the post Vahan was referring to, from Game Show Paradise. Relevant portions quoted below (the part I cut out is a spoiler regarding the nighttime Winner's Board era):

Quote from: salephreak
I have every episode of Sale of the Century USA aired on videotape. Unfortunately, I am not on the trading circuit because I have not had time in the last 20 years to trade, nor have I had another device to connect to my VCR.
By my count of shows in my collection, the second season of syndicated Sale of the Century had 34 weeks.
Which by my count wouldn't have taken the second season very far into May 1986, if it was indeed 34....when did season 2 premiere?
September 16, 1985, by mine and Dan's guide.

So my math leaves me with a finale of May 9, 1986 if the number is 170.

There were 100 eps in season one, then? I forgot.
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Re: $ale update
« Reply #61 on: March 07, 2015, 01:05:18 AM »
Season 1 had 100 shows, yes. #S-100 ends with no prizes previewed for next week and Jim saying "We thank you for joining us on Sale of the Century." (as their renewal was still up in the air at the time), while #S-101 opens with Jim welcoming viewers to a new season of Sale.

Aside from that, Season 2 evidently aired some repeats at Christmas/New Year's, given Jim's comment on #S-166 (the first show with a 1986 copyright date):
Quote from: Jim Perry
Welcome to Sale of the Century, delighted to have you with us, and I understand some new stations have joined the Sale of the Century family. Happy to have you aboard, you'll get the idea how we play our game very quickly.
...Which would make more sense if said at midseason. Further, per this recollection on JBoard by an audience member who saw Rocky Brown's last two shows (166-167), those were taped 12/20/85 (he previously mentioned it on ATGS in 1999), and I don't think they would've had a 1986 copyright date if they weren't scheduled to air in January.

As such, it's believed the show took three weeks of repeats just before midseason, which would end the run at May 30 with repeats through September 12. In addition to this, Greg Brobeck's collection lists Lisa Munoz/Ryan/Ann as having aired February 24, 1986 (it's an original broadcast with commercials), which should be #S-201 if all my above assumptions about repeats are correct.
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