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Author Topic: Any word on Christmas and New Year's programming?  (Read 6261 times)


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Re: Any word on Christmas and New Year's programming?
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2014, 01:56:46 PM »
You have to remember they had the rights to those 65 episodes of Sale during spring and summer. They probably knew that one way or the other they wouldn't be running those anymore by the holidays (and the GSN programming folks seem to have an aversion to running holiday episodes at other times of the year.) It's not that surprising.
This was going to be my question, did they skip the holiday episodes around Christmastime, or was it at some other random point of the year? If the latter, then yeah, it makes sense that they skipped the episodes. No biggie.

Now y'all cut it out with the personal attacks before you get reported! ;-)

It was always at some random point of the year. Last November 29, they switched over to episodes 1-68 of the Syndicated edition (skipping three episodes). Then, in Summer 2014, they switched back to the daytime ones they had before. Now, since September 29, they picked up where they left off on the Syndicated edition.