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Author Topic: GSN error? Celebrity episode of 'The Chase' OnDemand before it has aired on GSN  (Read 2427 times)


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The celebrity episode of The Chase, scheduled to air November 11th, is already OnDemand under the GSN tab for my cable provider, Verizon Fios. The episode number is "3012", which matches the episode scheduled to air new on 11/11.

Anybody else have Verizon or notice this on their cable provider?


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Xfinity (Comcast) has also uploaded the celebrity episode to their On Demand service.

It'd be interesting if it were a mistake, but being a cable show, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a purposeful move.
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One spoiler (nothing revealing):

Great episode. Each celebrity automatically starts out with $5,000 in the Cash Builder round.

That's somewhat revealing. Spoiler tags.
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It's not hugely revealing, but Chris is right; a little courtesy was called for there.
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It was an enjoyable episode. Dean and Seamus proved themselves to be smart. I wonder if they'll do more celeb episodes.