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Author Topic: ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS  (Read 12821 times)


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Eligibility Requirements
The Game Show Forum exists for the discussion of television game shows and related topics by fans and industry professionals alike. To become and remain a member in good standing you must read and agree to the following Eligibility Requirements:

1. Member Conduct


2. Identity

Anyone who deliberately uses a false or misleading identity to obtain access to this forum will be removed from the forum. If you wish to maintain your anonymity on the board you may post using a handle; however, a valid email address must be disclosed to the Executive Producers upon application.

3. On-Topic Posts

All posts must be relevant to the topic of television game shows or a directly-related topic. Posts regarding videotape trading transactions between private parties are considered off-topic.

4. Net Games

Net games may not be conducted on the board.

5. Distasteful Posts

Posts deemed to be offensive, in generally bad taste or inflammatory in nature, will subject the author to disciplinary action. Posting messages which are harrassing, insulting, belittling, threatening or derisive to other board member(s), or which contain or incite personal attacks against other board member(s), will be considered grounds for disciplinary action. Posts which are harrassing, insulting, belittling, threatening or derisive to the Executive Producers, or which contain or incite personal attacks against the Executive Producers, or which otherwise undermine an Executive Producer's authority, will result in the offending member being banned from the board. A pattern of excessive and gratuitous use of foul language shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

6. Harassment of Members

Harassment of board members via email or by any other means on or off the board will be considered grounds for disciplinary action. Ad-hominem attacks against board management will result in immediate expulsion from the board.

7. False or Misleading Information

Posting information which, in the determination of the Executive Producers, is posted with the deliberate intent on the part of the poster to deceive or mislead readers, will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.

8. Libel, Slander, Invasion of Privacy

Posting messages which are libelous or slanderous, or which invade an individual's privacy, will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.

9. No Advertising

Advertising products or services of any kind is prohibited.

10. References to Commercial Entities

Posting a message under the guise of a commercial entity, e.g. a false news story speciously attributed to a news wire service, network or other commercial entity, will result in immediate disciplinary action.

11. Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted material may not be excerpted in its entirety in any message on the board. Brief excerpts from copyrighted material may be posted provided that the source is properly attributed. Links to copyrighted material are acceptable.

12. Spoilers

A member who is present in the studio for the taping of a game show, or who has advance knowledge of the content of a game show obtained by any other means, may not divulge the outcome of game play on this board, nor any notable incidents occurring in connection with game play, nor may they post a link to an alternate web site containing the outcome of game play or related incidents, until after such game play or incident has been broadcast in the U.S. Pacific time zone. Any spoilers posted after the west coast airing must be clearly labelled as spoilers. Spoiler information must be contained within the message body and not be contained in the subject header.

Examples of "notable incidents occurring in connection with game play" include:

- A contestant fell while spinning the Big Wheel

- Something broke down

- The prizes used in a TPIR pricing game

- WWTBAM had a question about __________.

Examples of permissible spoiler information which does not disclose details of game play or related incidents:

- TPIR played Lucky Seven (not considered notable)

- TPIR introduced a new pricing game (does not deal specifically with game play)

- A new record was set on this show (permissible provided it does not deal specifically with game play)

The above rule applies to the outcome of game play or related incidents only. Members of this board are permitted to post information about changes in production elements, behind-the-scenes changes or even the actual pricing games played during an episode of TPIR provided such information does not describe the actual playing of a game or the outcome thereof.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action may consist of a) the issuance of warning(s) to offending members; b) temporary placement of a member in the Isolation Booth (revocation of posting privileges); c) placing a member on permanently-moderated status (all posts require approval by an Executive Producer before appearing on the Forum); or d) permanent expulsion from the Forum.

Disciplinary action is subject to the discretion of the Executive Producers.

Isolation Booth

The Executive Producers may place a member who has violated the Eligibility Requirements in the Isolation Booth. Placement in the Isolation Booth means that member loses his or her posting priveleges for a period to be determined by the Executive Producers.

By participating in this forum you agree that all decisions of the Executive Producers shall be final.

The Executive Producers reserve the right to amend the Eligibility Requirements at any time without notice.



The administrators and moderators of this forum have access to the email address under which your membership was validated. Your email address will not be disclosed to anyone for any reason whatsoever.

Forum members may send each other email. Your email address will not be revealed to the sender when composing or sending email. The Forum does support private messaging for registered members.

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