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Author Topic: Actual game shows that seem like fake ones  (Read 837 times)


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Re: Actual game shows that seem like fake ones
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I'm not sure if this would qualify, but Treasure Hunt sort of had a "sketch comedy" feel. The contestant only has to make one decision, then just about anything can happen as the cast of regulars act out a sketch or Geoff engages in a roller coaster of teases and fakes. My favorite moment, I don't recall ever seeing it on the air, but perhaps it was something that was edited out... A cast member regular, dressed as a witch, comes out with a pie. Normally, the contestant only has to watch what's going on and is only involved if Geoff engages the player in some way. In this case, the contestant, sensing the pie might be intended for her, grabs the witches hand causing the witch to pie herself in the face! Geoff is laughing uncontrollably.