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Author Topic: GSN Development: Reality, Pyramid  (Read 1317 times)

Jay Temple

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GSN Development: Reality, Pyramid
« on: March 24, 2012, 07:47:10 PM »
I would have sworn I read a thread on this topic elsewhere, but I can't find it. Buzzerblog has this.

With any version of this show, I wonder about the celebrities. As long as they can play, I don't care if the claim to fame is being the host of "Good Morning Keokuk".

I have two concerns with it being a GSN show:
  • the caliber of contestants (remembering Chain Reaction
  • the budget

The one good thing about GSN developing it is that I think they're at least slightly more likely to see the value of doing a week in a row.

I figure they could make a good show with a controllable budget if they followed the $50K model: Do a week of shows with the same two celebrities that culminates in the Player of the Week, who moves on to the tournament for the titular amount.

Here's my idea for how the week would work ... Have six players for the week. Each one plays three games over the first 4 1/2 days. For the second game on Friday, the top two players face off, and the winner is the Player of the Week. If the tournament is run similarly to the $100K, where the length is not fixed, you can fill in the days either before or after with reruns of some of the Friday finals.
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