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April Fools 2004, Whammy...


Have Peter Tomarken host the show for a week before April Fools, claiming he has the job now.  On the day itself, switch the Whammy's to Newtons, where a CGI Todd Newton will take away your money and then in comes Newton himself toward the end of the show explaining :).

Finally got to see the Larsen rematch on Whammy and Tomarken still has it, despite being a bit rusty.  It'd be great to see him in more guest spots..

Lemme think how Fremantle would say about this: \"No.\"

I actually think GSN's \"Switching hosts\" idea was a good one... But if Fremantle want to do another April Fools Show, they could switch with Gary Kroeger (the announcer), or do something else otherwise. I don't know, I don't work there.

If Whammy and Cram are both still around next year, they'll probably run this year's over.


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