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Peter Sarrett:
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is filmed in New York City.  Does that mean that winners must pay NY city and state taxes, as well as federal?  Can any past contestants share their tax experience?

  - Peter

You pay Federal and (your own) state taxes, not NYC or New York state.  Back in the first season of the network show, that was a big question--whether or not New York City or State were going to try to collect on contestants' winnings.  The NY State department of taxation decided against it.  That decision--so my tax lawyer told me--is unofficially referred to as \"the 'Millionaire' ruling.\"
Like the Federal and state taxes aren't enough....?!

Peter Sarrett:
Fortunately I live in Washington State, which has no income tax.  I heard that NY city and state taxes add up to about 13%, which didn't thrill me.  Your answer, however, is exactly what I was hoping to hear.


  - Peter
    Airing in 30 days

Back in the early days of the ABC show(fairly sure it's the case now), contestants got flown or driven in to NYC, two nights(or three if necessary) hotel, and $50 spending cash per diem. That could cost around $1000-$2000, depending on distance, etc.  My trip was estimated around $1000-$1100 in August 1999, and it was not taxed. Not sure whether it is considered taxable now(as it's worth over $600 and thereby subject to taxes)

Good point about the travel, Zach.  By 2000, they'd decided that the travel and hotel costs were taxable as well.  Since they hadn't told us about the tax liability on that up front, Valleycrest (graciously, I thought) issued an additional check to cover taxes on that.  I think that may have been a one-time thing, though...


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