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Title: Card Game observation
Post by: whewfan on June 25, 2019, 01:41:17 PM
I may be living under a rock...

On Card Game, you have to be within a certain amount without going over.
I saw a recent playing of Card Game posted today, and the contestant's bid was $21,793. She had to be within $1000. However, Drew said that her bid would be on the LOWER end, with a range of $21,793-$22,793. The price was $22070. She went over, and under what I thought were the usual rules, she lost. However, with this range that Drew mentioned, she won.

Did they change the rules? Now you can go over the price, as long as you are within the range?

Did Drew make a mistake and put the price on the low end instead of the high end of the range, and either nobody noticed the mistake, or they decided not to stop and correct Drew?
Title: Re: Card Game observation (Please ignore my previous post)
Post by: whewfan on June 25, 2019, 01:47:59 PM
Hey everyone! I made a mistake! I had a brain fart and thought something went wrong with a recent Card Game playing. Now I'll go back under my rock and think about the mistake I made.